Wednesday, October 30, 2013

FlipBelt Review and Giveaway!

I have an awesome product to share with you all today!! I know you are all going to love it just as much as I do!!

It is the FlipBelt! Have you heard of it?

I had not heard of this product before seeing it at the TC Marathon Expo. At the expo I got very excited about the possibilities of this product, and FlipBelt was nice enough to send me a belt to review for you all, as well as one to give away, AND a code for 10% off your FlipBelt order (use the code krstyruns)

I was so excited to receive this product! I have a need to carry stuff with me when I run, but I hate feeling like I am carrying stuff with me. Do you know the feeling?

I have tried many different types of packs, and have not found one that I like. They bounce, they chafe, they just don't fit what I want to carry!! Grrrrr! I just haven't had much luck carrying my "stuff"!

On a long run, I like to carry my iPhone (which I use for music), some fuel, my keys, and chapstick. That is a lot, as far as I am concerned. Because I hate the feeling of most fanny pack type gear (not to mention the look!!) I have been buying the new Lululemon running tights with the side-leg pockets. I have been stuffing my fuel, and chapstick in the side pockets, and then my phone in the back pocket, and I have been leaving my key on the wheel of my car (real safe, I know!!). This works, but is not ideal, as the back pocket for my phone is a very tight fit, and can get uncomfortable!

Enter the FlipBelt!!! This thing has made me a much happier runner!!

The FlipBelt is a tube of fabric that fits right over the waistband of any shorts or tights you may wear. It has 4 openings (two in the front and two in the back) in which you can stow your stuff. The FlipBelt is super stretchy and everything I wanted to bring with me fit perfectly in the belt! I even had extra room! They FlipBelt allows you to "flip" the belt inside out to secure your items against your body.

My main issue with most of the belts that I have tried, is that they move, they bounce and they feel bulky during the entire run! Not the case with the FlipBelt! It didn't move!!! It didn't bounce!!! I forgot I had it on and I did not have to adjust it even once!!

This, my friends, is heaven!!!

The belt did not feel like it was weighing me down, and it did not have that fanny pack look that I cannot stand!! It just looks like the waistband of your pants/shorts.

The FlipBelt is super comfy! It is made out of super soft material that does not have anything that could chafe or cause irritation. The material is washable, which is great for salty-sweaters like me!! I love that I can wash the belt after a really sweaty run!

The FlipBelt comes in lots of fun colors -- both neutral and bold to fit anyone's style! I chose the bright "Neon Punch" color, which as most of you know, goes against my normal purple color choice! I just wanted something different, but I am so happy with the product that I am going to buy a purple one too!!!

Don't forget to use the coupon code "krstyruns" for 10% your Flipbelt purchase! You can purchase your very own Flipbelt here!

Or you can enter my giveaway to win one!!

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Jenn @ Fairest Run of All said...

Oh, this would be awesome to have! I've never even TRIED a regular-style belt, which I guess is defeatist, but I'm a high-waisted-large-butted type and I couldn't see them working. If this belt doesn't move then it could be just what I'm looking for!

Kristine Barnes said...

Jenn, it is a really comfy belt! I would suggest with your body type to get a smaller size to fit snugly on your waist, and forego wearing it on your hips. :)

Megan Starshak said...

I've been looking at the FlipBelt for a while now! I normally run as minimalist as possible but I think this would be perfect for me!

Anonymous said...

I agree... many belts bring about a thought of bad 80's fanny packs or they bounce around so much that I end up ditching them. This looks like a great idea!!!

Cecil Vermule said...

I've tried armbands and have recently started looking at belts and race packs. I've thought about a FlipBelt as well.

Glynnis Zieman said...

These are so cool! I've tried several belts over the years and have yet to find one that fits well and is quality enough to stand up to my race schedule! Thanks for the review!

Shannon said...

I might be FlipBelt's number one fan! I have a Medium and a small as I worked in to the small and I can wear both very comfortably.

Meg Pudzianowski said...

I hope I win! I would like to not have to have my armpocket for EVERY run. <3 I don't know if I could choose just ONE color though. Great giveaway!

Joanna said...

I have a SPIbelt but it looks really frumpy with anything in it. From witnessing people wear FlipBelts, they look more flattering on! I never put anything in pockets- have lost keys multiple times

A running chick said...

I love flipbelt! I'd love to get another color and a size smaller. The one I have is a bit too big. ;)

Brandi Gilbert said...

I have been wanting to try the Flipbelt so bad!

Julie @Runwalkfastpass said...

Been wanting to try these...looks great!

Anonymous said...

These look so cool! Thanks for the opportunity to win one! @smilejoylove

chicagorunnergal said...

I've been wanting one of these for a while- would love to win one!