Thursday, July 18, 2013

Race Schedule

Here are my up-coming races:

August: Team Ortho Women Rock 1/2 Marathon:

October: Mankato 1/2 Marathon (2014)

 October: Team Ortho Monster Dash 1/2 Marathon

October: TC Looney Challenge (5k, 10k & 10 Miler)

November: Disney's Wine & Dine --> Disney World

November: Disney's Avenger's 1/2 Marathon --> Disneyland

April: Big Sur

May: Pixi Dust Challenge

Do you have any races coming up? What is on your calendar? Are you running any of these races?

2 comments: said...

Fun!!! I'm signed up for the Irongirl Duathlon (I seriously considered the women rock, but finally decided to give my running legs a rest). I also registered for the lottery for the Twin Cities 10 miler, and other than that I'm just taking it easy. I would maybe do Monster Dash if friends were doing it, but I've already done 2 team ortho races this year and am a little burnt out on them.

Kristine Barnes said...

I really want to do the Iron Girl Duathlon again! It was so much fun!! Hmm. I may have to put that on my schedule now too! I am signed up for the Team Ortho Series, so I have 2 more races left. Can't decide if I want to do the series again next year. I guess I have awhile to decide! Any RunDIsney races on your schedule??