Thursday, July 18, 2013

Race Schedule

Here are my up-coming races:

August: Team Ortho Women Rock 1/2 Marathon:

October: Mankato 1/2 Marathon (2014)

 October: Team Ortho Monster Dash 1/2 Marathon

October: TC Looney Challenge (5k, 10k & 10 Miler)

November: Disney's Wine & Dine --> Disney World

November: Disney's Avenger's 1/2 Marathon --> Disneyland

April: Big Sur

May: Pixi Dust Challenge

Do you have any races coming up? What is on your calendar? Are you running any of these races?


Anonymous said...

Fun!!! I'm signed up for the Irongirl Duathlon (I seriously considered the women rock, but finally decided to give my running legs a rest). I also registered for the lottery for the Twin Cities 10 miler, and other than that I'm just taking it easy. I would maybe do Monster Dash if friends were doing it, but I've already done 2 team ortho races this year and am a little burnt out on them.

Kristine Barnes said...

I really want to do the Iron Girl Duathlon again! It was so much fun!! Hmm. I may have to put that on my schedule now too! I am signed up for the Team Ortho Series, so I have 2 more races left. Can't decide if I want to do the series again next year. I guess I have awhile to decide! Any RunDIsney races on your schedule??