Monday, December 2, 2013

November Recap and December Goals

I really cannot believe how fast November went!! It just flew by for me!

I set a "No-Stop-November" goal and I am very proud to say that I reached that goal!! I powered through November and ended the month with a 100.52 miles under my belt and a new level of running confidence!

Ice Crystals Formed on my Ear!!
I started the month, really dreading the winter, and winter running. It takes me quite a bit of time to "warm" up to the cold weather here in Minnesota, so I started the month mainly running on the treadmill, which I hate!! Daylight's savings really put a bind in my outdoor running too. It is WAY too dark to run in the mornings before work (and let's face it, getting up at 4:30am is not my favorite!) and by the time I get home it is dark again!! Grrr.

After a week of 32 miles on the treadmill, I got brave and ventured outside for some cold weather running. I put in 9.25 miles in 10 degree weather with 30mph winds and a windchill of -4!! After that run, I was feeling pretty bad-ass and knew I could handle the cold!

Now it was the dark I had to contend with!!! My favorite running trail, heads through a wooded area, and is pitch black!! I found out the hard way, that running through the woods in the dark is not good for my nerves!!! I just about had a heart attack when a deer jumped out in front of me on the trail!! Yikes!!

Nighttime Running

I bought a headlamp and have enjoyed running through the cold darkness ever since!! It is so peaceful! Last night I put in 3.5 miles of dark running, and wished that I had time for more!!

November was a great month for me and for running! I ran 100 miles in one month for the first time ever!! I cannot even tell you how proud of myself I am!! And how inspired I am by my body and what it can accomplish!

Leaving November behind feel bittersweet, it was really such a great month! But, here comes December and all the holiday fun that comes with it! December can be a stressful month, and it is hard to find the time to train, so I am challenging myself to again run 100 miles in December, AND to complete the Runner's World Holiday Streak! Which means running at least one mile each day between Thanksgiving and New Years's Day!!

Got some miles on a wooded trail!

So far I have been streaking, and really enjoying it! I have racked up a whopping 3.5 miles for December already (oh, wait, it is only December 2nd!!).

I am excited to finish off the year strong!! Hoping to reach 700+ miles run for the year! :) So much better than the 50 I ran last year!! :)

What is December looking like for you?


Karen Orozco said...

cold AND dark?!?! My hero! I'm ok with the cold as long as there's no snow/ice, which we have right now, so I'm banished to the treadmill. I would surely slip and break a hip or something. Streak sounds fabulous! I am not allowed (my own rule) to streak right now b/c the last time I did it, I injured myself pushing too far/too fast. Soon though! After the PHM!

April S said...

Congratulations on meeting your goal! I don't know how people who live North of the Georgia line run in the winter... Glad you found your groove!