Sunday, April 28, 2013

Girls on the Run 5k Race Re-Cap

Yesterday I ran my first race since the middle of March, and the first local race since last running the Mankato 1/2 Marathon in 2011!! Yikes!
The Girls on the Run 5k race is in its 3rd year here in Mankato, and this is the first year that I have actually run it! The very first year, was my first year of running and this race was going to be my very first race ever! However, the morning of the race was freezing cold and raining cats and dogs!! I was nervous about the race to begin with, so I opted out!! :(

Last year, I was injured, and not running at all, so I missed out again. Finally, this year everything worked together and I was able to run! In great weather, nun the less!! 

Spring has finally come to Minnesota, and it is long over due! We have had record snow falls this April, and even had a 2-hour late start due to blizzard conditions on Tuesday of this week (April 23rd!!). This weekend, however has been perfect! The temps reached 80degrees yesterday, with full sun, and we are in the 70's today! Yesssss!

So, as they say the stars were aligned and so I ran the race! I was also able to run as part of a team! One of the High Schools that I work at got a team together, and I decided that I would run it with them! East High School's colors are black and gold, and so I was dress accordingly -- excited that I got to rock my yellow Team Sparkle skirt again (first time being the Princess 1/2 marathon as part of my Snow White costume!)

At the start of the race, I knew I was going to be too hot (having run in the rain and snow up until this race, it was quite a change!!), and I also knew that what I had eaten for breakfast was not going to be good for the race (note to self: never ever eat dairy before running!!)

It was however, a beautiful day, and I was happy to be running! The girls who participated in the Girls on the Run program were all decked out in pink, and having a great time, it was so inspiring to watch these girls of all shapes and sizes have fun running!

The course was just a loop around a local park, which included a few hills. I started out really strong, making it to the 1 mile marker in about 8 minutes! That is however, when it all went wrong! My stomach started cramping so badly that I had to stop and sit down for awhile, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to finish the race, and I started to panic that there were no port-a-potties in case I needed one!! Not a happy thought!

I decided that sitting wasn't doing me any good at all and started to walk. Walking didn't feel good either, so I figured that I would run, and at least I would get back to the start (and the potties!) faster!! 

I impressed myself as I powered up the hills and tried to get over the stomach pain I was feeling! I had to walk a couple of times, due to some very severe cramps, but I powered through it, and finished in 38 minutes, not a PR, but in many ways, I was proud of myself! Proud that I finally got to run this race, and proud that I finished, in spite of my GI issues!! 

Now that the weather is nice, I am excited to get outside and get some extra training for my upcoming races!! :) 

Ryan and I ended the perfect day by eating at our favorite restaurant in St. Paul, and visiting some of my favorite stores, rewarding myself with a few new Lululemon purchases! :)


Anonymous said...

I hope Girls on the run starts in the Brainerd Lakes Area so I can do a race! Or else I try to follow along with the twin cities branch, I really want to be a running buddy or volunteer sometime! What other races do you have an your agenda for this season?

Kristine Barnes said...

I wanted to be a running buddy at this year's race, but applied too late! It is an awesome program and I would love to get involved more with it, the timing is off for me because it is an after-school program.
On my schedule I have: the Mankato 10kato, Go Commando, The Color Run, Women Rock 10k, Mankato 1/2, and Monster Dash 10 miler! I am sure I will add a few 5ks to that list as well!
What are you running?