Sunday, April 28, 2013

Disney does it again!! Glass Slipper Challenge!!

Oh boy!! Disney has done it again! Just a few weeks ago, it seemed like the entire @RunDisney community was going crazy for the newly announced Dopey Race! Even I have to admit, I was going a bit mad trying to decide if I should step up for the Dopey!

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with RunDisney, here is a brief overview of the newly announced Dopey. During WDW Marathon weekend, those people who are "crazy" enough, can participate in the Dopey Challenge, which includes running the 5k, 10k, 1/2 and Full Marathons!! These are back-to-back races spanning over 4 days!

Now, I say "people who are crazy enough", and I do have to admit that for about 8 hours, I was seriously considering this, so I count myself as one of the "crazies!" The catch for me here is, that over the course of 4 days, runners can earn 6 medals!!! 6 MEDALS!!!!! Now, anyone who knows me knows I am a sucker for medals, and I will run just about anything, as long as I can receive a medal at the end of the race!! So, you can imagine how excited this made me!! 6 DISNEY MEDALS!!!!!

But, having never run a full marathon, nor having run any back-to-back races, I decided that the challenge just wasn't going to be mine....this year! Oh, and did I mention that I had already committed to running both the Tinkerbell 1/2 and the Princess 1/2? Yeah, well I didn't think my body, or my wallet could handle 3 1/2 marathons and a full marathon in just a couple of months!! It was a hard decision to make, and I was very happy when Dopey sold out....I didn't have to think about it anymore!

Well, last week, Disney announced what was for me, the most exciting new race challenge: The Glass Slipper Challenge announcement about the new Glass Slipper and new Coast-to-Coast medal!!

I first head about the announcement through Heather Bridges Montgomery  and her blog Through Heather's Looking Glass (if you don't read this girl's blog, you should!!)

It was about 9am and I for the rest of the day I was glued to all my social media channels, reading everyone's thoughts and excitement about this new challenge and the new medals!!

Okay, so here is the breakdown:

Special Pink Coast-to-Coast
The first change I heard about was the Glass Slipper Challenge. It involves running back-to-back races during the Princess 1/2 marathon weekend. The Glass Slipper Challenge includes running the newly announced 10k (I don't think this race has a name yet?) and the 1/2 marathon. Participants will not only receive the 10k and 1/2 Marathon medals, but will also receive a special "Glass Slipper" medal!!!

I was already planning on running the Princess 1/2 and Royal Family 5k in 2014 again, so this announcement had me SUPER excited. Again....I can earn MORE MEDALS!!! Plus, I really love the 10k distance and I am excited to see what type of course this may involve.....another chance to run through the castle?!

If that was not enough excitement for one day, Disney had more in store.......don't they always?!!!

They also announced that participants who ran the Tinkerbell 1/2 and the Princess 1/2 would receive a special Coast-to-Coast medal!! The challenge of running one Disney race on each coast in the same year and receiving a Coast-to-Coast medal is nothing new, just the medal its self is new.....and PINK!!

Again, this was more exciting than one can possibly imagine, as I had already made a commitment to running both the Tinkerbell and the Princess, and a special PINK medal is right up my alley!!

So, again, I thought the excitement would stop there....but noooooooo!

The Team#Run Disney facebook page was blowing up with rumors about Disney adding a 10k and another special challenge to Tinkerbell weekend!!!! Meaning 3 more medals!!!

A total of 7 medals!!!!!!!!!! I can hardly contain myself!!

I am more excited about these races than I think I have ever been! I cannot wait until registration opens up in June, and I know I will be on pins and needles until I am safely registered for both of these races!!

Until then, I will continue to put my miles in and dream of Disney!!

Are you excited about these new Run Disney changes?!?!


Anonymous said...

I heard about the special medal if you do the tink 1/2 and the princess 1/2 but hadn't heard about Glass Slipper! I'm hoping to do princess in 2015, so I hope Disney keeps theses good things going!

Kristine Barnes said...

Yes! There will be a special medal (much like the Goofy medal for the WDW Marathon Weekend) for completing the 10k and the 1/2 during PHM weekend! I am medal obsessed, so this just makes me so excited!! I am sure that Disney will only keep growing these races and adding to them!! Have you done Princess in the past? It is so motivating!