Thursday, May 9, 2013

Saucony Virrata Review

It has been over two years since I switch to running in minimal shoes. I decided to make the switch due to some serious shin splints I was dealing with. I cannot remember accurately where I read about using minimal shoes to help ease (and in some cases, completely stop) the pain of shin splints, but right away I went out and bought the most minimal shoe I could find: the Vibram Five Fingers. Right away I fell in love with the feeling of running, and it was these shoes that I feel allowed me to make some big gains in my running form, speed and endurance. I was, for the first time ever, running without pain in my shins!

 It didn't take long, however, to figure out that training for a 1/2 marathon was going to require a bit more cushion that what the Five Fingers were providing me. I made a switch to the Rebox Flex, which I loved even more than my Five Fingers, and I happily ran many races in, including my first 1/2. During that race, I lost 3 toenails and decided that I really needed to get serious about the shoes I was wearing and the fit of the shoe!!!

I was turned on to Newton's and fell in love all over again! I have gone through 4 pairs of Newton's now and have to say they are the shoes that work the best for me. I feel fast, and stable in Newton's, they are my go-to shoe!

With that being said, I am still searching for the "perfect" shoe! I love my Newton's, but I am always curious about what is out there, and what I may be missing out on.

Recently, I have heard a lot about Saucony. I wanted to stick with a zero-drop shoe, and I was introduced through many reviews, to the Saucony Virrata. I have never run or worn Saucony shoes, so I was game to try something new.

I have HUGE feet (I wear a women's 11 in regular shoes, and tend to wear a 12 in running shoes!!), so I went with the men's version of the shoe. Men's shoes are always perfect in length, but too wide (my foot is super narrow!). This particular shoe fit really well in both length and width! So from the start, I was excited about this shoe.

I wore them a couple of times on the treadmill, and loved every minute of the run! The shoe was definitely a minimal shoe, it was so light, I felt like I wasn't wearing anything, but on the same hand, they were very cushy, and had really good support.

Once the weather got to the point I could run outside, I took them out on the street, where they did not disappoint. They are great on many surfaces, asphalt, sidewalk, gravel, and grass (my daily route is this varied!!).

I will definitely be buying another pair of these shoes! I do not wear them on all of my runs, as I have found that I miss the feeling of the Lugs on my Newtons, and run in them about every other run.

I am very picky about my shoes, and am always looking for another shoe to try. I bought these shoes because others have also had success with them. My opinions are my own.

I just purchased the Saucony Kinvara 4, and am looking forward to trying it out. While not considered a true minimal shoe, I am excited to see what it is like. Look forward to a review!

What is your go-to shoe or shoe brand? Do you run in minimal shoes?

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