Thursday, July 25, 2013

Not Every Run Can Be A Good Run...

First, I want to give a big shot out to all of you who participated in our RunDisney Blog Hop! I hope you enjoyed getting to meet some new bloggers and were able to check out their blogs! I know I found some new blogs to follow and some really inspiring stories!! If you posted your blog, I have gotten to almost all of your blogs and have left a message! Please continue to do the same, and give our RunDisney friends some love. Here is the link to the Blog Hop:

 it is open for a few more days, so you can still get in on the fun!! 

My training has been going really well for the past two weeks! I did my scheduled 7 mile long run on Saturday, and then ran another 3 miles on Sunday. I felt great! After my long run, I tried out my new 110% Play Harder Juggler Knickers (what a name!!). They are really awesome compression capris that have special pockets in them to hold ice packs! They are wonderful! I did not get sore or tight after my run! I love them so much that I went ahead and ordered the calf compression sleeves too!! Can't wait for them to arrive!

On Monday, I was supposed to meet my BF at the track for a quick track workout. He was running late and I decided to just use the time to run before he got there. Well, I lost track of time and ended up running 5 miles before he arrived (he was REALLY late!!). We did a quick mile workout and called it a night! Again, I felt great! The 5 miles went by so fast, and felt so great! I was so happy with my progress!

Tuesday, I decided to run on the track again, it was a cooler than Monday and I was craving the same feeling of success. I put in 3.5 easy miles, and again felt fantastic! I wanted to push for 5 miles, but I didn't wear socks in my new shoes and had a blister starting. So, I settled with 3.5, although I really felt like I could do much more! Great feeling right?!

So, from Saturday to Tuesday I had put in 18.5 miles of running and about 6 miles walking!

Wednesday was a beautiful day!! 70 degrees! What a relief from the heatwave we had last week! It was sunny and I just had to get out for a run. Having run on the track two days in a row, I decided to take my run out on the trail. This is a new 3.5 mile loop I found, a hidden gem that I never knew was there before. Half of the run is on a gravel road, and the other half loops through the woods around a secluded lake! It is heaven on the joints and the eyes!!

I started out pretty slow, just enjoying the day and the views. At about 1 mile, my stomach started cramping, and I wasn't sure if I should just turn around or run through it. I decided to just walk awhile and see what happened. While my stomach cramped through the rest of the run, I am very glad this was not me....!!!

I was think of this video the entire way!! I was able to pick up the pace once I hit the trail, but I wasn't feeling the groove I was in the last few days! Duh! I needed to rest! My legs were screaming at me to just walk, and give them a break! I ran intervals for awhile, enjoying the beauty of the trail and the peaceful quiet of the area. Towards the end of the run, I pretty much sprinted back to my car, I just wasn't feeling the run, and just wanted it to be over. Even the beauty of my route couldn't make up for the fact that I was having a bad run. I was upset with myself and doing some pretty awful self-talk. I was really down.
But then it hit me! I needed to give myself a break! I needed to take care of myself and I needed to just remember that not every run feels great! I got 3.5 very slow miles in, and that was not bad! Especially after the streak I had been running! This was a lot more than I could do last year after my injury and I should be grateful for every mile I can do, even if I am walking! After my little pity-party and building myself back up, I went home, showered and did some retail therapy! 

Punkee Love Headbands are made right in my hometown and they were having a sale at their warehouse! Yes!! I went and got 6 new bands for $50!!! This made my night!!
How do you get over a bad run?? How has your training been going?

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Anonymous said...

I had a bad run yesterday. I ended up needing to walk the majority of it. I took today off in hopes that tomorrow will be better :)

Kristine Barnes said...

Some days are just like that, huh? I went for a 3.5 miles today, wasn't stellar, but better than Wednesday! How was your run?