Saturday, May 3, 2014

#RunnersLove DC

After a very successful #Runnerslove PHM Weekend Meet-up, and after being given the unbelievable opportunity to join my bestie Meg in DC for the Nike Women's 1/2 Marathon, it was a given that we would hold a #Runnerslove DC meet-up!

It took Meg and I a long time to figure out when and where to hold our 2nd meet-up. In fact, for awhile I questioned if we would even make it happen! Neither one of us knew anything about the DC area, and we were at a loss for a place to hold our meet-up.

Thanks to Google Maps, and a little inspiration, I searched the area in which the expo was being held and happened to find Sprinkles Cupcakes just a block away from the Nike expo and store!! A meet-up was born!! I was so excited to put together the meet up and start advertising it!

A bunch of #Runnerslove ladies were running in DC, and they were so excited about another chance to meet-up! I could not wait to see all of these amazing women again, and have a smaller meet-up than our HUGE PHM meet-up!

This meet-up was going to not only be smaller, but without prizes to giveaway, Meg and I would have a chance to just visit with our #Runnerslove friends!!

Our meet-up was scheduled for 10:45am, a cupcake brunch, if you will, and Meg and I arrived right one time -- toting our freshly purchased Georgetown Cupcake bags…ha!

There were already quite a few girls at the shop! It was a complete hug-fest, as we all greater each other! Meg and I are BIG huggers!!

We headed into the TINY shop and took over one of the two tables in the store! Many of the #Runnerslove ladies had brought their husbands and boyfriends along, and it was great to see them being so supportive of our meet-up!

What happened next, makes me LOVE this group of ladies even more, everyone claimed that it was a "no judgement zone" and ordered at least 2 (some ordered more!) cupcakes! LOVE!!!

The cupcakes were HUGE and delicious!!!  In my opinion they were better than Georgetown, and the people working at the store were MUCH nicer!!
I ordered a Chocolate Marshmallow and a Vanilla cupcake. We ate, laughed, talked running and blogging, and had an amazing time!
Jj wasn't even running the race!
She just wanted in
on the #Runnerslove!

As more runners arrived, it got crowded and hot! We moved our little party outside to a neighboring green space, and enjoyed the warm sun and each other's company.

I kept looking around at all of the amazing women surrounding me, each with their own running story, and I felt so blessed to have them as part of my running community. It was very special.

Meg and I created #Runnerslove out of the love we share for running, but more importantly out of the love and support we have for each other, and we want to share with other runners. Sitting in that park, laughing and smiling with people who I probably never would have met w/o #Runnerslove, I was beyond happy!

We took some pictures, wished everyone good luck on their race, and went our separate ways. Meg and I had planned on heading to the Alex & Ani bracelet store, and both Lauren and Cheri followed. It was fun to spend more time with them, and get to see all of the bracelets!!

This meet-up was so perfect and so sweet. I loved every minute of it, and am so excited for our next #Runnerslove meet-up at Disney's Wine & Dine 1/2 Marathon in November.

If you are interested in our meet-ups or becoming part of this amazing group of runners, please let me know, I would LOVE to have you join us!!


Desi said...

Those cupcakes were SO yummy!

Desi @

Lauren said...

I am so grateful that all you lovely ladies have come into my life through blogger and #runnerslove! Thanks again for hosting this incredible meet-up!! The cupcakes were delicious! :0)