Monday, April 14, 2014

These are happy tears!!! Seriously!!!

Two weeks ago I got an amazing surprise!! I got a tweet from Nike!!

While it is not out of the norm for companies to tweet individuals, this is Nike!!! And they wanted me to contact them!!!

I started shaking right away, because I had an idea as to why they wanted me to contact them: Meg and I had been tweeting Nike for awhile about getting a Woman's 1/2 marathon DC bib. Meg and a bunch of other #Runnerslove ladies were picked through the lottery system, and we wanted to have another #Runnerslove meet-up, and hey, another chance to see Meg?? I'll take that any day!!

I entered a bunch of drawings to win entrance to the sold-out race, but nothing ever came of that.

I had pretty much given up all hope of running DC.  And then, that tweet appeared!!!

I emailed Nike right away!! <-- Who would wait, right?!?

Nike emailed me back right away!! (Way to go Nike!!!)

What the email said caused me to bawl, scream, and run around the house like I was on fire!!!!

They offered me a bib!!!! Their email read:

Hi Kristine!
We have been keeping up with your tweets and we love your dedication to running and being the best you! We know you were trying to get a bib for the Nike Women's Half Marathon, and you've been entering all the second chance drawings. We would like to extend an invitation to register for the Nike Women's Half Marathon DC 2014. As you already know this is a sold out event and we are no longer offering second chances. We wanted to offer this to you in appreciation for your dedication, and positive attitude toward running.

OMG!! OMFG!!! I was completely floored!! I was speechless!! I was:

Of course, I called Meg right away, but I was crying so hard I could hardly speak!! It was so exciting!! Everything about this opportunity was so exciting!! Not only was I given the chance to run a sold-out race, and earn a Tiffany necklace as my medal and above all run with my BRFF Meg!!! 

It took seriously, about a week for the whole thing to sink in, and as it did, I am so grateful for this opportunity! I cannot wait to run this race!! I cannot wait to have an entire weekend to hang out with Meg!! I am beyond thrilled!! I am blessed!!

Watch out Washington!! Meg and Kristy are on their way!!!! 


Lauren said...

SO excited for you Kristy!!! See you there!

We Run Disney said...

Ahh...the perfect tweet Kristy. Congrats and enjoy that race with Meg!

Kristine Barnes said...

I cannot wait to see you Lauren!!! I am so excited!!

Meg and I will definitely enjoy the race and spending time together!!

Thanks for the comments!!

Lauren said...

OMG I'm so happy for you that you got in, and that Nike was so awesome about it! Can't wait to see you soon!

andi miller said...

So Happy for you guys!!! what a great thing for Nike to do!! Wish I was going because #runnerslove is awesome and you ladies are so lovely. ( I know I know I called y'all ladies and lovely lol but it's true) Thanks for sharing the great news and I cannot wait to see y'all in November!!! And seriously I need a pic with you both. <3

HALFway to the CASTle said...

What an AMAZING surprise! I can't wait to Run DC with you!


Julie @runwalkfastpass said...

Son of a biscuit!!!!! So exciting. This is amazing. Rock that town girl

HALFway to the CASTle said...

Hi Kristy! I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! You can check out all the details here