Sunday, March 17, 2013

Get Lucky!!

Winter is never ending this year!! We have had a little bit of snow each night this week, and the temps are in the low 20's and teens! I am so sick of winter!! Last year at this time, we had a few days in the 80's!!

Yesterday, I ran a very chilly race in honor of Saint Patrick's Day: The Team Ortho Get Lucky 7k!!  This was my second time running this particular race, and boy was there a big difference from last year!!  Read last year's race re-cap!

First off, I spent most of the week in Minneapolis for a Link Crew conference. I absolutely LOVE these conferences, as they are very interactive, thought provoking and active!! During the conference, I was hopping to put in a few good runs, but that didn't happen. One night of the conference, I did get a good hour of playing dodgeball in, so I guess that evens things out!! (Don't you all wish you went to conferences, where you played dodgeball?!!)

On Friday, I switched hotels, and Ryan headed up to Minneapolis to meet me. Since he has been working crazy hours, it was nice to get some time to just relax with him! We ate a late dinner, laid out our race clothes (rocked my Team Sparkle Skirt!) and went right to sleep!

Team Sparkle! and my Link Crew Vest!
Not knowing what Mother Nature would bring us, we set the alarm clock for 6am!!! Again, there was a dusting of snow (and ice -- as we found out later!!), but we had plenty of time to get dressed, grab breakfast and head downtown MSP to find a parking spot!!

7,000 people were registered to run this race! We knew it would be wise to get there early before the parking ramps filled up. And it paid off, as we got a prime parking spot, about a block away from the start of the race.

It was FREEZING!!! A very windy 20 degrees! Standing at the starting line, we shivered, while we waited to start running! Before the starting gun even went off, my toes were freezing!! Once we were able to cross the start line, I took off! I was just so excited to get moving, and out into the sun!!

Toes are frozen solid
In all of my excitement, I lost Ryan!! I don't think we even ran a minute of this race together!? I hoped that he was having a good race, as I was all smiles and loving every minute! I am so happy that it turned out to be sunny (still cold, but the sun helps!).
Freezing Start!!

This race takes runners through the old Milling district of downtown Minneapolis and across the Mississippi two different times. The course was pretty decent, but at times very icy (I walked to avoid falling!!). At one point, the course takes runners though a few cobblestone streets, which are killers on my legs!!

This was not necessarily a fast race for me, but it felt quick!! The course was beautiful, and the sun was so energizing! I know I started out too fast, and that slowed me down towards the end of the race, but before I knew it, I was "walking" across the finish line. YES!! WALKING!!

20 degrees and a sunburn?
I do not know what the issue was at the finish line, but I was in a full sprint to it when I noticed that the people in front of me were not moving!!! The race announcer was YELLING for people to keep moving once they crossed the finish line..... but it was a standstill!! I couldn't move, and pretty much shuffled with hundreds of other people across the finish line. It was a very anti-climatic ending to a great feeling race!!

Heading back to the car
After crossing the finish line, it took me about 8 minutes to make it through the chute and collect my medal. Ryan had crossed the finish line just a few minutes behind me..... I am so proud of him for finishing so quickly, and without much training!!! He said he could see me at the water stop about 1/2 through the race, but he wasn't able to catch up to me. I am going to have to train much harder for the next race....I am afraid he is going to start beating me!!! :)

Overall, it was a great race! A very cold start and an awful finish, but a really fun time!! I love that everyone dresses up!! When you are running it is just a sea of green!

After waiting to collect our medals, we were freezing again, and headed right back to the car. We had requested a late check out at the hotel and were very happy to take warm showers, and change out of our running clothes before grabbing some lunch and heading home!!

We are supposed to get a huge snowstorm again tonight..... I am really hoping we get a heatwave soon!!

Did anyone else race this weekend? 

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