Wednesday, June 19, 2013

An Awesome Day!! And my first Giveaway!!

This week has been going really well, as far as my workout schedule is concerned! I logged over 8 miles yesterday -- 4 of which were my run. I rode my bike to yoga, lifted biceps and back and went on a long walk with Ryan and his dog. The weather was perfect and I was feeling great!

Clearly not watermelon!
Have you tried Nuun?! Yum!
The day however didn't start so great. I got my much anticipated shipment Nuun and was disappointed to find it was not the flavor I ordered. Bummer. But through the power of Twitter, and the awesome Nuun company, they had my problem fixed! They are letting me keep the Cherry Limeade Nuun, and sending out the watermelon AND a pint glass! This company rocks!! That was the first of many happy social media surprises of the day!!

So.... That leads me to my very first Blog giveaway!! Woot!! I have 3 tubes of Cherry Limeade Nuun that I will be giving away on July 1st! All I ask you to do is:

1. Become a follower of my blog
2. Like and share this post on Facebook or Tweet about my giveaway @kristyrunskato #nuungiveaway

A winner will be drawn on July 1st!! Good Luck!

What could possibly make my day better?!

Well aside from some free Nuun and an excellent workout day..... I was named a new Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador!! I feel so honored! I was placed on Team Fantastic and am so excited to get to know all of the strong women on my team!

And.... to top the day off!!! I was also named a Sweat Pink Ambassador!! By the time I got this email, I was on cloud nine!! I was beyond excited to be named part of this group of powerful women!!

Wow! It was an amazing day! I was up until late in the night, following new people on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! It was a social media frenzy yesterday!! It was great!! :)

Today I am going to really work my legs! I have a 20 mile bike ride to get in, power yoga and today is a legs day in the gym!!

Please remember to enter my giveaway!! I would love for you to try Nuun if you haven't or just get some free Nuun if you love it!!


Leslee S said...

Wahoo! I'm on Team Fantastic as well :) And welcome to the sweatpink sisterhood, you're going to love it!

Jennifer K. said...

Followed! You've got quite an ambitious training plan going! Good luck!

Kaitie said...

Happy to follow a fellow runner! Good luck with all your training!

Alicia Boyde said...

I have not seen most of these flavors yet at my store. but have tried the cola after my morning workouts and like it! :D
I tweeted your giveaway, good luck with your training I miss running!