Sunday, June 23, 2013

Week 2 Recap & Thoughts on Tinkerbell

I just finished week 2 on my quest for weigh-loss and increased fitness (not to mention, training for my three 1/2 marathons!!).

Love my Zensah sleeves for recovery
Week 2 was much more tame than week 1. I cut back from running and biking everyday to doing each activity on alternate days. This was much more manageable, and it made it easier for me to hit each workout and bring my best. I was even feeling good enough this week to add in an extra ab session on Friday.

My workouts were great, and I started feeling much more confident in the free-weights room! I actually looked forward to my strength training and felt pretty strong.

Relaxing after a HOT run!
I got all of my runs in, including a 8.5 mile run on Saturday! It was so humid out, I had trouble breathing, but I finished, and felt good enough to go for a 3.5 mile walk that evening! I was pretty proud of myself! Even completed that run in 1.5 hours!! Go me!!

Loving my Fitbit Flex!
My eating was a whole other issue. While I was finding success in the gym, my eating was out of control!! On Monday, my department held a party for a teacher who is retiring, and I just HAD to try all of the yummy treats! I went out to eat way too many times this week. The BF and I helped his parents celebrate their anniversary this week with a huge meal (and dessert!) and then we went away this weekend, and indulged in all of our favorite restaurants.

One of the many restaurants I visited this week!
I was afraid to step on the scale this morning! That is how awful my eating has been! The scale was nice to me, and I am thinking that all of my workouts helped, but I did not gain anything.... but I did not lose anything either!!! While I am not happy about this, I completely know what I did wrong this week, and how I need to change it for this upcoming week! I think that now that my workouts are feeling good, and I am in a routine, that I can really focus on my eating!

I did treat myself to some new clothes this weekend.... a size smaller!! Woot! So, something good is happening in my body!!

What is really motivating me to get out there each day are my three 1/2 marathon registrations! The first of which is coming up in October, followed by the Tinkerbell 1/2 in Disneyland in January.

This week could be a BIG week for us RunDisney fans....!!

With registration opening for the Tinkerbell 1/2 the first week of July, everyone is waiting to for an announcement from Disney about the fabled 10k and/or challenge associated with this race!

Whether you are hoping for the announcement, and the challenge, or if you are hoping that Disney stops introducing new races, you cannot deny that this will be an exciting week! I love the anticipation!

While I am already registered for the 1/2, I am very much looking forward to Disney announcing a 10k and a challenge! MORE BLING!!! While my bank account is not looking forward to paying for more Disney races, I really want more medals (don't judge!!).

Are you hoping for a Tinkerbell Challenge?? Will you be running it if they have one?


Jen said...

I'll register for Tinkerbell, but I don't know about the challenge. Right now I'm registered for WDW, which is the weekend before Tink. Two half marathons in two weeks is enough without a 10K thrown in there. On the other hand, if the Florida trip falls through (and I have a feeling it might just do that) I'd be up for the Tink challenge....oh, if only my wallet had more dollars inside!

Kristine Barnes said...

That is such a quick turn around from WDW to Think! I would have trouble registering for a challenge too! Are you running Dopey? Are you running PHM or GSC too?! I'm worried about the closeness of those two races!! :)