Monday, June 10, 2013

Starting over...

Today is the day that I start my 12-week body transformation! I have 12 weeks of vacation and I am going to use them to get back in shape and marathon ready!

I have fallen off the wagon, and fallen hard. In the last year, I have gained over 50 pounds. This weight gain is partly due to being injured and unable to run (which was my main source of exercise) and partly due to my very poor eating habits and extremely high stress!  I am very embarrassed to post the pictures you are about to see. It takes everything in me not to just hide them away and never show them to anyone. But I am posting them to the world, because I am hoping that will give me the motivation to make some major changes.

My plan is very simple:

1. Don't eat out -- I got into a very bad habit of eating most of my meals out, and drinking Grande Lattes just about everyday. This has to stop! I need to cut out the sugar and eat clean! Watch my portions and stop snacking!!

2. Run more! I have been running 3-4 times a week for the last 6 months. I have felt like this is enough, because I do not want to re-injure myself. But now is the time to start bumping it up! I have three 1/2 marathons coming up in the next 9 months, and I have to be ready! I am starting now!!!

3. Yoga everyday! I have been going to yoga 3-4 times a week for the last 12 weeks, now that I have the time, I am going to go everyday, this will hopefully help me stretch and take care of my muscles. Yoga has been my way to prevent injury, and I love the time to just focus on myself.

4. Get back into biking! I used to bike 20 miles a day or more, but haven't really been consistent for the past 3 years. I need to get back to this routine. I think it is a good balance for the running I will be doing, and I would like to do the Iron Girl Duathalon this fall. So, I better get moving!

5. Get into the pool! During college I was a swimming instructor and lifeguard, I was in the pool everyday. I really want to get back into the pool and get into swimming shape! This is going to be the most difficult past for me, as I haven't swam laps in a lot of years. I am hoping that I can get fast enough by the end of the summer to do a sprint triathlon! Cross your fingers for me.

6. Start a weight training program. I found a great lifting program on It is geared towards women and gives you a daily schedule, including videos to help you know what to do! I am excited to get into the gym and start lifting. I lifted in college, and getting back at it gets me pretty excited!!

So! How am I going get this all done? I am going to go about it as if it were my job. I have a schedule of the times I need to accomplish each activity, and when I need to rest. I am hoping to drop 20 or 30 pounds in the next three months. Which I know for some of you that sounds crazy, but guys.... I have a lot to lose!!! Here is June 10th:

5:30am Peanut Butter and English Muffin

6:30am 1 hour run 

7:30am Quick Shower

7:40am 3 egg whites/2 whole eggs w/veggies and yogurt

8:00am Ride bike to yoga

8:30am Power Yoga

10:00am Ride bike home

10:15am Protein shake

10:30am Rest 

11:30am lunch and ride bike to pool 

12:00 Swim 500 (free style and breast)

12:45 Ride bike  to YMCA

1:15pm Lift: chest and tris

2:00 Protein shake and apple

2:30pm 10 mile bike ride

3:30pm rest & ab work

5:30pm  Dinner: broccoli, Chicken and green beans

I would love your support during these next months, I will be updating my blog frequently to let you know my training schedules, and my progress. Please feel free to cheer me on and follow my blog as I make my fitness dreams come true!!

And now...... here are the dreaded "before" pictures..... I really didn't think I looked this bad.....!!!


Anonymous said...

I also really want to do the duathlon! Or maybe volunteer at it and do it next year.... I'm not a big biker, and am not sure I'd be able to get into it in 2 months (I'm doing grandma's in 2 weeks so wouldn't be able to start training for the duathlon until July).

You can totally get on the wagon (I'm working on staying healthy myself) just don't burn out too fast in the beginning, you can do this!

Lauren said...

It's awesome that you're being so transparent with this process, especially with your before photos! Everyone is scared of those!

Kristine Barnes said...

Thank Lauren! It was REALLY hard for me to post those, and to admit to myself that I had fallen so far from where I once was!!

Kristine Barnes said...

I did the Iron Girl in 2011 and it was so much fun! I am into biking, but hardly trained the bike portion, and I was just fine (though I could have been faster!).

Thanks for the support! I have a long road ahead, but I know I can get there. Good luck at Grandma's!!!!