Sunday, June 16, 2013

Week 1 Overview

Proud of hitting my workouts!
Well, I have found it very hard to keep up with my blog and my workouts on a daily basis. I am thinking that every other day may be what I am going to shoot for. I have to admit that my goals last week were quite lofty, and I did not reach all of them. But here is an overview of the week, the good, the bad and the ugly!!

Monday started out great! I felt awesome and hit every workout that I had scheduled. I felt awesome!! I ate all the meals I had planned to, and was very proud of myself! At the end of the day, I was exhausted and slept really well!

Resting after a swim
Tuesday was again an awesome day! I got in a 3 mile run, a 20 mile bike, lifted biceps and back, swam and got an hour of yoga in! I could tell that I was tired, and when I went to swim, I just felt like every muscle in my body was screaming. I have never felt like I was going to drown before, but Tuesday I really did! It was crazy how tired my body was. I took a good nap in the afternoon, and again hit all of my workouts and my meals.

On Wednesday the weather was crazy! We had quite the thunderstorm! So, I took my hour long run to the treadmill at the YMCA (yuck!). I put in a good leg session, and after that I was beat. I went home, ate and went back to bed for awhile. I was able to get my 10 mile bike ride in, once the storms passed, but it was a struggle. My legs were shot! I did not bike, nor did I go to yoga. I felt a little bad not getting in all of my workouts, but I was tired, and needed the rest. I had to remind myself today that what I have planned is actually really crazy, and I have to give myself some slack, and some rest. 

It's hot and humid!
Thursday was another day that I woke up feeling tired! My legs were screaming at me, and I just couldn't pull myself out of bed to run. I got a short bike ride in, and later in the afternoon I went on a walk. I put off lifting, just to give myself a good day of rest. Today, I really started re-thinking my workout schedule!

Me and my true love!! Vanilla latte!
Friday was a pretty good day, I allowed myself to have a latte as a treat! It was what I had been missing all week long! This entire school year, I had been drinking grande lattes from Starbucks, everyday! I decided that this summer was a perfect time to give this addiction up. It is expensive and fattening (I do not like skinny lattes!!). I don't drink any other form of caffeine, so I didn't really think about going through withdrawal.... but oh man!! I had headaches all week and just felt "off". Today, I allowed myself that coffee, and I felt like a whole different person! So, I think I need to start ingesting some form of caffeine, it really helped!!

I got in a short bike ride, yoga and a long walk on Friday. It was another relaxing day, and I was grateful that I was being so gentle with myself. But I worried that I was being too gentle!! I am my own worst enemy sometimes and just don't push myself hard enough.

Yesterday, Saturday, my sister was in town and we started out the day with a 7.5 mile run. I felt great after taking some time off of running!! It was a great run, and I was very thankful to have her to share it with me. It was so humid out and we were both dripping wet when we returned home. After taking a shopping break (where I got some awesome new yoga pants!!), I went to the Y to finish my lifting program this week. I did 45 minutes of shoulders and abs. Finished up the day with dinner with Ryan, and a nice walk.

Recovery w/ KT Tape and Pro Compression
Today, was my planned rest day. It feels weird to not have anything planned, but also good in a way. I have spent the morning re-vamping my workout plans. I am hoping to continue to push hard, but not run and bike everyday. That was really killing my legs!! I want to continue to swim, because I feel like this is the strangest workout for my body, as I have not swam in years and years! My lifting program feels awesome! I am happy to be back in the gym in this way!
Feeling kinda crabby!!

The good: I lost 4lbs  and regain my confidence in the gym
The bad: I went out to eat, and did not hit all of my cardio workouts
The ugly: I was pretty crabby this week, lack of caffeine??

Here is my plan for next week:

Monday: yoga, swim, bike, lift, walk
Tuesday: yoga, run, swim, lift
Wednesday: bike, swim, lift, yoga
Thursday: run, swim, lift
Friday: bike, swim, yoga, walk
Saturday: long run, yoga
Sunday: rest

Goals for next week: Blog more frequently & no meals out!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Your workouts are super intense! Keep up the good work! But don't be too hard on yourself. These 4-a-days that you're doing require rest!