Monday, April 14, 2014

#Runnerslove Meet-Up: PHM Style & Future Plans!

I know, I know! I am still trying to catch up on all the Princess 1/2 marathon excitement from almost 2 months ago!!! Yikes!!

One of my most favorite memories of PHM weekend was the #Runnerslove Meet-up I held with Meg (@Warsawmermaid). It was through the planning of this meet-up that we became besties and she is now forever in my life!!

We held our meet-up unofficially on the beach of the Poly resort. I say "unofficially" because we did not ask permission to do so, and pretty much the entire time I was paranoid that we would be kicked out!! Haha!

That didn't happen, but we did get poured on and that dampened the party….only a little!!

This meet-up was my opportunity to thank all of my great blog readers, and Twitter/Instagram followers, as well as provide an opportunity to meet all of you for real!!!

I was super nervous about the meet-up to be honest! Meg and I had received SOOOOO many prizes to give away and I was worried about just how many people would or wouldn't show up.

I was blown away at the amount of people who showed up!! And while I was too busy giving away over $4000 worth of prizes, I just wanted to hang out and chat with all y'all!! :)

I think Meg did an amazing (and timely!) job recapping the event on her blog (please visit her!!) 

So I want to talk about the future of #Runnerslove:

#Runnerslove is a movement that has started out of the hearts of two runners, who because best friends through all of this social media craziness. We want to share our love for running with you all, but more importantly we want to support you and cheer you on in anyway possible!!

We have started a Facebook group to keep in contact with all of our #Runnerslove friends (new and old! <-- not that any of you are OLD!!!), please join in on the fun!!

We also have a #Runnerslove Wine & Dine meet-up in the plans for Disney's Wine and Dine Weekend in November --> RSVP here!!

We have been holding Sunday night #Runnerslove Twitter Parties, which are announced on both our Facebook page and our twitter accounts! I encourage you to participate in the fun, and meet some new peeps!!

And…… we are working on a VERY LAST MINUTE #Runnerslove Nike DC meet-up!!! We will hopefully have more information very, very soon!!

#Runnerslove is all about supporting our fellow runners, sharing our excitement for them and connecting in a positive way! We are a great group already and would love you to join in on the fun!!

Meg and I know we want to take #Runnerslove to new places, and to new heights soon! We are working with PunkeeLove Headbands to create some special #Runnerslove merchandise, and would love to plan some more meet-ups!!


HALFway to the CASTle said...

I would LOVE to see a meet up happen for the Nike Women's half-keep us updated!


Lauren said...

I seriously cannot wait for the #RunnersLove meet-up at DC!! I am excitedly awaiting more info!

Lauren said...

Love #runnerslove and all you guys have done for us!! <3

Kristine Barnes said...

Thank you so much for your comments!! I am so thankful for the #Runnerslove supporters!! You are such an amazing community.