Sunday, April 13, 2014

Running around the Country!!

2014 has already been quite a year!! I am loving it!! While my year-long goal is to run 14 half marathons, it has sparked a secondary goal: to travel as much as possible!!

Traveling has always been a favorite activity of mine, be it a quick drive to Minneapolis, or riding the train in Europe, I am always down for a great trip, amazing food, and adventures!!

This year has not disappointed me!!

In January, I traveled to Disneyland, and got to spent an amazing week in California with my sister.

Just a month later, we headed to Florida to run the Glass Slipper Challenge in Disney World.

Two weeks after returning from Florida, I was on the road for work, driving to Wisconsin for an inspiring conference/training where I ran 9 miles on a brisk morning.

Just 3 days after returning from that trip, I was flying to St. Louis for another work-related conference. I did not get to run in St. Louis, but we walked a lot and explored the city as much as possible!

And just 2 days after returning from St. Louis, I was on my way to San Francisco for a solo spring break!

This trip was pretty last minute, but was an amazing experience. I took every opportunity to run. The first morning I was in California, I woke up early and ran by the bay. It was probably the slowest run of my life, because I kept stopping, just to take in the views, and breathe in the air.



After my run, I played "tourist" in SF, riding the cable cars, and sampling the local food! Yum! One of my very favorite ways to experience a city it through its food, and SF doesn't disappoint! :)



I even tried "animal-style" fries at my very first IN-N-OUT ---haha! I just had to! So many of you swear by their burgers!!

Later that night, I was able to sample the fare from local food trucks at a Off The Grid meet up. I feel in love with the Koja Kitchen truck and their delicious Korean eats!! Seriously!! Find them and try it!!!

The next morning, I traveled over an hour south to run at Wilder State park, crossing "running by the ocean" off my running bucket list! I ran 11 amazing miles, each one more beautiful than the next! This was by far my favorite part of the entire trip. The trail was amazing, and was lined with wild rosemary and thyme bushes….mixed with the sea, the sent was intoxicating. I never wanted to stop running.



The next day, my last day in CA, was met with pouring rain. It was a real downer, but I made the best of it by driving into the city, and exploring it via my little car. I was soaking wet, and chilled to the bone, but I again made it to the ocean, where I could have sat forever just listening to the waves.


It was an amazingly restorative trip for me. I know people think that traveling alone is, well, lonely, but for me it was a time to reflect on my life, and a time to re-charge. I met so many amazing people during my short time in the Bay Area.


I would move to this area in a heartbeat. The ocean, the city, and the hills have once again captured my head and my soul.

Do you ever travel alone?


Lauren said...

That looks like such an amazing first third of the year! I'm super jealous of your travels and running locations =) I wouldn't travel by myself, but I'm super paranoid and just wouldn't feel safe. If it weren't for that I'd be happy to, so I could do what I wanted on my schedule!

Lauren said...

I love the ocean! My dad was in the Navy so we moved around a lot while I was growing up but we always lived really close to the beach and ocean. I miss it every day! I hope to live near the ocean again someday.

Your travel adventures sound amazing so far this year! Definitely jealous :0)

And In-N-Out burger is the BEST! I can't believe it was your first time to try it!

Meg Pudzianowski said...

I have only ever traveled alone to Disney but then I usually have people to spend time with there so it doesn't really count. I'd love to go somewhere alone and really enjoy it, probably DC bc there are so many museums to go to and I love that sorta shit.

I'm happy your back home though with your babies, they missed you!

Kristine Barnes said...

I LOVE traveling alone, do it all the time, and it never really makes me nervous or feel unsafe. I know some people think it is lonely, but I really enjoy hanging out with myself (I am pretty dang cool!!). I have traveled all over the world both alone and with others, sometimes being alone makes things easier, but it is always fun to share the experience with someone!